Berat, the museum city with 1001 windows, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is located at the foothills of Tomorri Mountain, the Olympus of the Albanian pagan gods and with a castle that towers above the city. The charming ancient and medieval churches contain gilded carvings and icons that are several centuries old. Berat is probably the number one destination for a culture-oriented tour.

How did the area around Berat originate? A little legend

Once upon a time in the enchanted region of Berat lived a fairy with whom the two brothers and gods Tomorr and Shpirag fell in love. Their devouring love for the fairy made them forget their intimate bond and they began to fight for the fairy. Tomorr with a sword and Shpirag with a morning star. The fairy, whose love was infinite, did not understand the fight and began to cry over the broken trust between the two brothers and the injuries they inflicted on each other. The fight lasted and left traces in the bodies of the two gods and the tears of the fairy just flowed. Since the ungrateful behavior of Tomorr and Shpirag did not stop, all the gods decided that they should be petrified forever by the supreme god. The fairy, dissolved in grief, met the same fate.

Berat was built on the petrified fairy, surrounded by the mountains of Shpirag and Tomorr, which today bear the marks of the sword and the morning star. Only the tears of the fairy continue to flow alive today and form the Osum River.